Piercing Fun!

Toronto-20130329-00103 The other day I did a super fun play piercing session. It was his first time with genital play piercings, so we only did 30 needles. It’s funny, I have some guys who are happy doing 10 needles every time, then there are others who do 300+ – as many as I can find room for. It really depends on the person. Well this fellow can’t wait to do another session, next time with more needles. He loved the way the piercings in his scrotum felt and really enjoyed the needles on his shaft. He wasn’t sure about the crown of thorns, he said it felt much more intense (obviously!) but wasn’t sure if he liked that particular sensation.

For those of you thinking about trying this out, a few things to keep in mind: 1) you will almost always end up with some bruising. The head tends to bruise more than the shaft or scrotum, but I’ve often seen bruising there as well. The penis has a lot of blood flow – which means it does tend to heal quickly but also that you get a lot of bruising. 2) You will have lots of (tiny) open wounds on your penis. If you decide to engage in sex within the first 5 days or so, make sure you use a condom. The wounds won’t take long to heal, but will leave you more open to infection if you don’t cover up! 3) There will be A LOT of blood when the needles are removed. If you like blood (as I do) then this won’t be a problem, if you get squeamish at the sight of blood, this isn’t for you! 4) Needles should never penetrate the urethra or testicles – there can be very serious consequences resulting from either, the “have to visit the urologist” type of consequences – avoid anyone who tells you these things are safe (for piercings with jewellery  such as a prince Albert  piercing into the urethra is part of the procedure and is generally safe – but only when done by a person with the appropriate training!)

If you want to book with me for play piercing, keep in mind that I am a trained body piercer (completed a professional apprenticeship) and I have retired from a career in health care. I am very well versed on the appropriate techniques and practices needed to ensure a safe and fun experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me requests through the booking page or comment on this entry. If you are interested in a permanent piercing, please contact me through the booking page.